Best Crypto Websites and Social Media Accounts to Follow for Research

Best Crypto Websites and Social Media Accounts to Follow for Research

Cryptocurrency | 10 minutes to read | 10.07.2022
TL;DR There are many sources of information out there for cryptocurrency, but many of these sources are just not good. I've gathered the best crypto websites and social media accounts to follow for research. The best cryptocurrency websites are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Investopedia, and CryptoLovesH2O. The best crypto social media accounts to follow on Twitter accounts are Watcher.Guru, CoinGecko, and the accounts of the projects themselves. On YouTube we have Whiteboard Crypto and 99Bitcoins. You can also learn plenty on reddit!
If you’re looking for the best crypto websites and social media accounts, then this is the list for you. I’ve been all around the web doing research for all of the articles on this site, and I can tell you that there are some bad information sources out there. And it can be hard to separate the bad from the good. So, I’ve gathered what I think are the best crypto websites and social media accounts to follow if you are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Let’s jump in.

Best Crypto Websites

First, we will start with some big name websites. You probably have already heard of a few. Then we will move on to some smaller, yet reliable websites. A few of these are major exchanges. Not only are centralized exchanges a great place for a beginner to start their crypto journey, but they are also great for doing research on cryptocurrency or learning about blockchain technology.


Coinbase is a great resource for learning the basics of crypto and blockchain. In fact, they have a tab on their website dedicated to learning. You can learn the basics about blockchain or related topics like NFTs and crypto taxes. Coinbase does tips and tutorials for things like how to set up a crypto wallet, how to read the charts, how to send crypto, and more. It’s also a great place to learn about individual cryptocurrencies. You can find articles ranging from Bitcoin to Polygon to Ethereum. That can help if you’re looking to do some quick research on a coin before investing. Coinbase also does Learn and Earn, which allows you to earn certain cryptocurrencies for watching videos and answering questions about the token or project.


Kraken is another major cryptocurrency exchange that you can use to learn about crypto and blockchain. They have many in-depth resources for learning about the basics of crypto including certain types of cryptocurrency, individual cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain based topics. Kraken has probably 100 different beginner guides on individual cryptocurrencies. If it’s a popular cryptocurrency, then it’s probably on Kraken. One of the best things about Kraken’s cryptocurrency guides is how brief, but detailed they are. They don’t overcomplicate things, and will give you a really great idea about what a project or crypto is without getting too technical. It only takes a couple of minutes to read each guide, so you can quickly get a good idea about a certain cryptocurrency.


Binance has something called Binance Academy, where you can learn all about blockchain and cryptocurrency. That’s also their tagline. Right on the homepage of Binance Academy, you can click start here, which will take you through all the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain, trading, and investing. There is a lot of information on this page, but it will definitely help you better understand crypto as a whole. The other stuff on Binance Academy are their blog posts. Most of their posts are interesting and you can learn a thing or two from them, mainly what’s currently going on in the crypto world, or just interesting topics like “can there be more than one metaverse?” What I like about Binance Academy is that they label their posts using a difficulty of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. That way you already know, based on your level of understanding, if a post is worth reading.


CoinMarketCap is the best website to see how the cryptocurrency market is doing. Here you will see various stats of pretty much any cryptocurrency. They have 9,432 listed currently. You can see price charts, increases and decreases, market cap, trading volume, and circulating supply. But the great learning part happens when you select a cryptocurrency. CoinMarketCap has pretty much everything you need to know about a particular cryptocurrency. You can view the basics of the coin, how it works, historical data, current news, some tokenomics data, and even community voted price predictions. This is usually the first website I come to when I want to check out a certain cryptocurrency.


Investopedia is one of my favorite websites, not only for crypto, but for learning about investing, personal finance, and money in general. They go over the basics, explain things simply, but also add in the technical details. Most of their posts are summed up within the first paragraph or two with bullet points highlighting the main ideas. They also include videos in many of their articles. You can Investopedia for education, but also for crypto and other investing news. In fact, this is where I go to verify if a crypto news story is legit or not because Investopedia is a reliable source. A couple of other fun crypto things to look at on Investopedia are their trending topics. For example, you can see trending NFTs and cryptocurrencies for each week. It’s not financial advice to invest into these trending cryptos, but it is interesting to see which ones are making progress and staying relevant, especially during a bear market. Investopedia is just another great source for research.


CryptoLovesH2O is the website that you are currently reading this article on! Yes, I am shilling my own website to you. I believe that this site is a good resource for learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Here’s why: I try to be as unbiased (besides this part of the post) as possible. Many other websites may get paid to shill coins, projects, or other cryptocurrency products. Of course they will write good things about them. I am focused on helping beginners learn about crypto first and foremost. Second, I do a lot of research on the topics I write about. Cryptocurrency can be hard to understand sometimes because it’s a super technical and complicated subject. I try to break these topics down into simple information that anyone can understand. No, you don’t need a masters degree in computer science to understand blockchain. CryptoLovesH2O will prove that to you. Lastly, I don’t make any price predictions on this website. No one knows what the price of any crypto will be tomorrow, next year, or even in the next minute. Drawing lines on a chart does not mean the price will go up, and you shouldn’t be fooled by that. Absolutely no one knows what the price of crypto will be. This is a good resource to learn about and research certain cryptocurrencies and technologies, not a website that will give you hopium, shill you coins, or promise that any cryptocurrency is going to the moon. If you do like my website, follow me on Twitter for bite-sized crypto education. You can also leave your email in the box at the top or bottom of this article to get my posts right away!

Best Crypto Social Media Accounts

Following social media accounts about cryptocurrency topics is pretty difficult. If you have already tried, you will realize that 99% of accounts are just trying to shill you coins or straight up scam you. After spending a few years in the crypto social media space, here are a few of the best crypto social media accounts to follow.


Watcher.Guru - @WatcherGuru Watcher.Guru promises to give you unparalleled and unbiased coverage of crypto, finance, and NFTs in real-time. I just copied that right from their bio. I would say that they do live up to the unbiased part. Most of the time, they are breaking some sort of cryptocurrency news. When they get things wrong, I have seen them correct themselves, which is more than most news sites can say. For almost all of their crypto news tweets, they will post the information in one tweet, and then reply to it with their source. Another cool reason to follow Watcher.Guru is that they spew off interesting crypto facts. Things like “on this day”, records in trading volume, market cap statistics, and information about addresses holding certain coins. CoinGecko - @CoinGecko CoinGecko is great for getting news about crypto. You do have to watch out for a few things with CoinGecko, as sometimes they like to post about low market cap cryptocurrencies or NFT projects. Usually, alongside these they will post an article explaining the crypto instead of just shilling it to you. Either way, you can get some valuable information from CoinGecko. Just be smart about the projects they post about. Blockchain Learning Center - @bchainlearning Here’s one that not many people know about based on their follower count, but I like them nonetheless. The Blockchain Learning Center has loads of educational materials that you can use to learn all about how blockchain works, how certain consensus methods work, real-world uses for blockchain, and how things work in crypto in general. They mainly use infographics to teach people about certain topics. These infographics are clean and easy to follow. Individual Crypto Accounts Because there isn’t much when it comes to trustworthy crypto Twitter accounts, I mainly follow the individual crypto accounts. Here are a few of the top cryptocurrencies Twitter accounts: @VitalikButerin - vitalik.eth, Ethereum’s co-founder @cz_binance - CZ 🔶Binance, Binance CEO @ethereum - Ethereum, second largest crypto by market cap @Tether_to - Tether, the largest stablecoin @solana - Solana, software blockchain that makes use of smart contracts @dogecoin - Dogecoin, most popular memecoin @0xPolygon - Polygon ($MATIC), a layer 2 cryptocurrency @Polkadot - Polkadot, a layer 0 cryptocurrency @ShibainuCoin - Shiba Inu, another popular memecoin @litecoin - Litecoin, a digital currency similar to Bitcoin @chainlink - Chainlink, an oracle network @Algorand - Algorand, another popular platform for smart contracts @SushiSwap - SushiSwap, a popular decentralized exchange


YouTube can be a great source of cryptocurrency and blockchain education, but you have to know where to look. There are way too many shills on YouTube. Here are a few of my favorites. Whiteboard Crypto Sometimes reading about cryptocurrency can be a little difficult. One thing that I like about Whiteboard Crypto is that they use animations to help you visualize what’s happening while they are explaining to you. It can definitely help give you a different perspective, especially with a topic as difficult and complicated as cryptocurrency. Whiteboard Crypto has over 100 videos with tons of information for learning and research. 99Bitcoins With well over 360 videos, 99Bitcoins has a ton of information about cryptocurrency that you can use to learn more. Despite the name, you can use this channel to learn about more than just Bitcoin, although there is a ton of information about Bitcoin. Most of their older videos are beginner’s crash courses on Bitcoin and crypto in general. Their newer videos are usually about big things going on in the crypto world.


Reddit can be another good source for keeping up with cryptocurrency, especially because these posts are written by fellow peers. There are no specific accounts to follow, but there are some pretty great subreddits. Remember, you don’t know who is posting on reddit, so do take posts and comments with a grain of salt. Here are some great subreddits to follow. r/cryptocurrency - The main cryptocurrency subreddit, and a place where you can earn a crypto called Moons just for commenting on posts. r/CryptoCurrencies - Similar to the subreddit above, but this one has less users, and no moons. However, you can still find some valuable information here. r/bitcoin - Bitcoin’s main subreddit. Here you will find information and news about Bitcoin. Some other crypto subreddits are: r/ethereum r/cardano r/solana r/polkadot r/0xPolygon r/algorand r/Chainlink Summary There is no shortage of websites and social media accounts when it comes to learning about cryptocurrency and blockchain, but we are looking for the best crypto websites and social media accounts. Some of the best cryptocurrency websites to use for research are Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Investopedia, and CryptoLovesH2O. There are plenty of social media accounts to follow including Twitter accounts such as Watcher.Guru, CoinGecko, and the accounts of the projects themselves. Some YouTube accounts to look out for are Whiteboard Crypto and 99Bitcoins. Now that you know the best crypto websites to use for research, let’s check out the most popular cryptocurrency terms that everyone should know.
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