How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency | 5 minutes to read | 03.03.2022
TL;DR Signing up for an exchange is one of the best ways to earn a small amount of crypto for free. Both Coinbase and Gemini offer $10 for free when you sign up and invest crypto. Using the web browser Brave can earn you a crypto called BAT for free just by using the browser like you would normally. With Coinbase Learn and Earn you can acquire a variety of different crypto for free just by watching videos and answering questions. Staking is an easy way to earn crypto just by holding crypto. You can stake crypto with a wallet, or by using an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini. Faucets are created to get people’s attention to a project, but they are a good way to earn tiny amounts of free crypto just by entering your wallet address on certain websites.
Cryptocurrency is the newest, biggest thing on the internet since sliced bread and everyone wants their hands on it. Even though cryptocurrency couldn't possibly fit in anyone's hands, that's a different story. Everyone and their mom (trust me I've asked) wants crypto and they want it now, without paying. They want it for free. #momsforfreecrypto. But let's say you whip open Google and search "how to get free crypto" you will see more scams than you ever thought possible. There's basically no such thing as "free" crypto, like you know no one is just going to give you a big bag of crypto, right? However, there are some ways to get some crypto for free without doing too much work, like 30 seconds type of work. Let's take a quick look at some of these ways.

Signing Up for Exchanges

Signing up for an exchange is a great way to earn some crypto for free because those guys are handing it out like candy on Halloween. Seriously, there are a few sweet deals out there for signing up to exchange. Coinbase and Gemini both offer 10$ worth of Bitcoin when you sign up and invest at least 100$. And what do you have to do to sign up for an exchange? Enter your email, name, and set up a profile. Pssh, easy stuff. That's great if you're just starting out. Getting 10 percent return on your 100$ just for something you were going to do anyway? Sign me up… oh wait, I already have. Use this promo link to sign up to Gemini.

Use the Brave Browser

Okay, this one is my actual favorite. I love Brave. You're using the internet right now! Which means you could be using Brave and earning free crypto for just being alive! First of all, this browser is great. It's fast, private, and secure (got that from their website), but best of all is that it blocks super annoying ads which the web has been infested with. It's not a totally ad free experience though. Instead of seeing ads on webpages, Brave will show you ads directly, but each time you see an ad you get a little bit of free crypto. The crypto you get is called BAT (Basic Attention Token). You can send this to your wallet on an exchange. The coolest thing about BAT is that you can donate it to your favorite creators (that’s us!) right from your browser. Your tokens will then be transferred to the creator, putting more money directly in the hands of creators instead of a middleman. So, go earn free crypto for doing what you normally do, and download the Brave browser.

Coinbase Learn and Earn

Yeah, we just got to my favorite. I love Coinbase Learn and Earn. I've earned so much crypto for basically getting smarter. Coinbase pays for your education! Let me explain. You pop into Coinbase, which you signed up for and already got a free 10$ from, and you're like "where's the free crypto?" Coinbase is like "over here, check it out! We will give you crypto to learn about crypto!" And you're like "Whaaaa?" On the Coinbase app you will see a section called Coinbase Learn and Earn. There you will see a few different crypto that you can earn. All you've got to do is watch a few videos about the crypto and answer a few questions. You usually get about 1$ per question answered, and get anywhere from 3$ - 10$ per crypto. This is a great way to get and learn about a variety of crypto.

Use a Crypto Faucet

Faucets are literally my favorite way to get some free crypto. With just a few minutes of work every day you can generate small amounts of crypto that can add up over time. Here's what you do. What you do is go to a faucet's website and enter your wallet address and there you go! That's all you have to do to get a bit of crypto. This isn't some kind of scam, either. The reason faucets exist is to get people interested in a certain project. That does mean the crypto you are getting is probably going to be someone unknown type of crypto that might not be worth mush right now. But, who knows! This might be the one that blows up! Haha probably not though. So get yourself a list of faucets going and one day you might be able to get that lambo. Well, maybe the one from the Walmart toy aisle. You can see the best crypto faucets for earning a small amount of free cryptocurrency.

Stake Your Crypto

Alright, finally! We got to my favorite way to earn free crypto! Staking the crypto that you already own. Now, we're all whales here (/s), so we can use staking to sit back, relax, and generate some free crypto for doing absolutely nothing. Staking crypto is kind of like when you put some money into a savings account and you start to earn some interest. Well, that's what matters to us! Well, I guess you can't do absolutely nothing. First, you have to already own a bit of crypto. Then you've got to find somewhere to start staking it. If you're just starting out you can stake right through an exchange. On Coinbase, you can stake ALGO, and on Gemini you can stake all sorts of different crypto including Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can find the best cryptocurrencies for staking. Summary We just learned a couple cool and easy ways to earn some cryptocurrency for free. They were: Signing up for an exchange like Coinbase or Gemini to get their free $10 in Bitcoin signup offer. Using Coinbase Learn and Earn to both learn about and earn a variety of free crypto. Browsing the web using Brave, which generates a small amount of cryptocurrency, is an easy way to earn free cryptocurrency while doing something that you already do all the time. Faucets are a great way to get interested in a project, but also generate a small amount of cryptocurrency over time. Lastly, you can stake your crypto on Coinbase or Gemini to earn a sweet bit of crypto just by holding it. Okay, you know how to earn free cryptocurrency, now you can learn the best ways to buy crypto!
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